1. Raise or lift (something) up to a higher position.
2. Raise to a more important or impressive level.
raise - lift - uplift - exalt - heighten - lift up


A capability is the ability to perform or achieve certain actions or outcomes through a set of controllable and measurable features, functions, processes, or services.


These days your web site needs to be more than just an online brochure. We can show you how to make your web site part of a complete marketing and communications platform.


We design interfaces and experiences that help users find what they need and act on that information. Regardless of the complexity of the application we can help improve it.


The use of Content and Digital Asset Management is changing the way business creates and shares information. We work with multiple platforms as well as our own custom tools.


The beauty of all this technology is the ability to track, record and report on anything and everything. Custom dashboards make understanding that information more intuitive.


A specific task, duty, function, or assignment often being a part of some larger activity.

Having started out setting lead type on a letterpress in high school and working my way through traditional graphic arts processes up to the digital techniques used today I believe that I bring a unique perspective to the digital projects I’m involved with.

Here are a few projects I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of over the last few years as both a freelance designer/developer or as the director of a team of digital professionals on either the client or agency side of the project.

In some cases the designs have been updated but the basic layout/structure/information architecture I developed remains. This is just a small sample of the work I’ve done – for more information feel free to contact me.



Curriculum Vitae

Kurt Buesching

I built my first website in 1993 after working as a graphic designer with the team that went on to start Netscape Communications – the world’s first commercical web browser – back when it was called Mosiac. I still have a floppy disk with the beta and a hack for using it with AOL.

Since then I have spent the majority of my professional career designing and developing websites, on-line applications, mobile interfaces and all forms of interactive communications channels for the advertising, healthcare and software industries.

In the last two years I have worked at Plex Systems as Manager of Web Communications and as a member of the UI/UX team operating under the Research & Development group. Then as Director of Digital at Real Integrated – a full service marketing & advertising agency.


Graduate of the Wayne State University School of Fine and Performing Arts.

Adjunct Professor at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit since 2005.






Freelance consulting, design and development.

Real Integrated


Director of Digital

Direct the Digital team at full-service advertising agency including client and agency projects via web, social and other digital mediums.

Plex Systems


Web Communications Manager

Manage internal Digital group within marketing department, UI/UX via R&D group (F5).

Duffey Petrosky


Technology Manager

Manage agency Digital team within full-service advertising agency. New business development and pitch work.


2015 American Web Design Award Winner
Graphic Design USA Award for Best Websites – oe324.org
(Operating Engineers 324)

2014 eHealthcare Leadership Awards
Gold Award for Best Overall Internet Site – HealthPlus.org
(HealthPlus of Michigan)

2012 eHealthcare Leadership Awards
Silver Award for Best Physician Directory – WPAHS.org
(West Penn Allegheny Health System)

2011 Communicator Awards
Health Website – aHealthierMichigan.org (BCBSM)
Business to Consumer Website – WhatsMyAQ.com (Chrysler)
Employment Website – MiPerfectJob.com (State of Michigan)

2011 Hermes Creative Awards
Gold Award for Best Website Overall – MiPerfectJob.com (State of Michigan)

2010 eHealthcare Leadership Awards
Gold Award for Best Web 2.0 Site – aHealthierMichigan.org (BCBSM)
Silver Award for Best Interactive Site – aHealthierMichigan.org (BCBSM)

2008 Hermes Creative Awards
Platinum Award – Kellogg’s Online Store (KelloggStore.com)

2008 Summit Creative Awards
Silver Award for – DIA Online Store (DIAShop.org)

2005 eHealthcare Strategy and Trends
Best e-Business Site – Oakwood.org (Oakwood Healthcare)

2005 Hospitals & Health Networks
100 Most Wired Hospitals & Health Systems – Oakwood.org (Oakwood Healthcare)

2000 Modern Healthcare Magazine
Best Hospital Web Sites – Medformation.com (Allina Healthcare)


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